Super Trendy Nude Nail Designs for You in 2021

Do you often feel confused about which color is right for you and spend a lot of time thinking about choosing the right nail gel polish color for you? Nude nail polish color is always an easy and safe choice for you. Gelixir color chart has a full range of nude shades of colors such as brown, orange, pink, … they will surely satisfy you with the Gelixir polish colors collection of up to 180 colors for you to enjoy and creat all nail designs that you like!

Nude Nail Designs

The trend of nude nail polish is gentle and being loves all over the world! Nude gel nail polish is always a nail fashion trend that never stops being “hot” with women, including teenage girls. Nude gel nail was born for girls who love luxurious beauty but still gentle and elegant.

Why Is Nude Gel Nail Polish Color Always Favored by Girls?

The nude nail sets are diverse in color for you to easily choose such as brown, pink purple, milky nude… suitable for your taste and fashion sense. An outstanding plus point for nude gel nail polish is that you will be extremely easy to coordinate with all kinds of outfits with all colors and styles. From work clothes or combined with casual clothes, nude nail polish is always the first choice. It is the color of natural beauty, elegance without being too picky is what nude nail polish color brings.

Nude gel nail polish looks so simple but we are able to make sure that your fingers will look slimmer and longer when choosing nude color to design your nails and your nail set will also be immaculate.

Do You Know about Nude Gel Nail of Gelixir Polish Colors and Gelixir Color Chart?

Nude Nail Designs

Gelixir polish colors is a product line in the mid-range segment with many outstanding advantages, especially the relatively cheaper price compared to competitors in the nail market. Gelixir polish colors are high-gloss, it lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping or flaking and is fully absorbed in just 10-15 minutes.

Gelixir company is professional in the research and development of their products. Gelixir color chart offers a wide range of 180 colors and it is applied faster. The girls will feel thinner when using it. Just in 1 minute to 2 minutes by drying Gelixir gel nail polish colors under LED or UV lamp, you will have a perfect set of nails. Gelixir polish colors are made in the USA, say “no” to bad – quality ingredients. Gelixir nude gel nail polish color has many shades, they’r all beautiful and easy to use. That’s so great for you guys to mix & match.

Express your elegant beauty through the following beautiful nude nail polish designs.

The pinky nude nail designs

Nude Nail Designs

Coming to the nude nail color’s world, women have many choices with different color levels, ranging from glossy to matte paint. This is the favorite nail polish color of a modern girl who both loves beauty and wants to express her own personality.

Light pink nude gel nail polish gives you a luxurious, pure look. You can try combining with floral motifs, Poka dots, colorful line art lace or simply color combinations that will give you a super trendy look.

The sparkle nude nail design

Nude Nail Designs

If you want your hands to add a luxurious look, you can decorate and combine nude nail polish with sparkling stones or pearls or you also can combine the nude nail gel polish with white gel nail polish to create the ombre effects. Your nails will be very eye-catching on the background of nude nail polish elegant.

The earthy nude nail design

Nude Nail Designs

Nail gel polish with earthy nude color is not a bad choice for girls, who have dark skin. In particular, nail polish with earthy brown color adds small patterns that are not too prominent to create a gentle manicure that still shows the personality of the user.

Nude color is considered the most optimal color, because this nail polish can be combined with many accessories, is not picky about skin color and is easy to coordinate. Whether you are a girl with a strong personality or a gentle girl, nude color is always a choice that will satisfy you.

Final thought

So, we have introduced you to a trendy nude nail designs. Those who like a gentle style can choose nude gel nail polish that is both beautiful and not afraid of going out of fashion. From now on, you are free to beautify your nails. Now that you know how to apply nude tones, the next thing is to buy yourself a few bottles of Gelixir polish colors. If you need further advice on the right product, contact us immediately for timely support.