Top 8 Best Shoes for Swollen Pregnancy Feet 2020

During pregnancy, along with your clothes, you need to update your shoes. You will inevitably put on weight that is understandable, but the swelling in your foot is unpredictable. So, the best shoes for swollen pregnancy feet should adapt to your feet’ condition and provide you with a comfortable sole that is easy on your heels. Also, they must be non-slip to help you with balancing your shifting weight. Given below are such shoes and socks that help you get through your journey comfortably.

Best Shoes for Swollen Pregnancy Feet

Skechers Women’s Summits Sneaker

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These memory foam sole, aided shoes by Skechers are apt for pregnancy feet as they adapt to your sole each time you wear them. The slip-on facility helps you to put them on in a jiffy. They are stretchy and comfortable; hence you will have wriggle room when you need them for your swollen feet.

Apart from all these goodies, you also get to have a style statement with these shoes. They look like tie shoes, but they aren’t. So, there is no reason why these should not be called the best shoes for pregnancy. They also offer a wide size, and if you are looking, then this is the place to have them.

Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes

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The twin gore panels and the fabric-covered orthotics insert designed by a podiatrist are the best parts of this shoe. Also, the cushioned body made of breathable fabric that feels comfortable on your feet all day long seconds it.

These shoes are also the right choice if you have an active lifestyle as it features FMT in their product manufacturing. They come in different colors and sizes, including wide and also known for their all-round comfort.

ofoot Women’s Hospital Maternity Slip On Shoes

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Ofoot shoes have cushioned sides and bottom with a soft fabric and a cute look. These wide width slip-on shoes can be called comfy house slippers or maternity shoes or however you intend to use. They are versatile, comfortable, casual, non-skid footwear, which you can just insert your foot into without bending. The rubber sole is durable, and the memory foam is soft, giving you both support and comfort at the sole.

Propét Women’s TravelFit Slide Walking Shoe

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The mesh-built shoes with a wide sole and breathable sides, is of the low back, enabling smooth sliding into them. These shoes have an elastic adjustment front to keep them snug. Though they are not the comfiest shoes in terms of the sole, they are lifesavers when you want the one-minute shoes for your short formal engagements. These are worth investing in.

They look just like regular shoes from the front and have a low back giving you that edge, for sliding in your foot and not wearing them.

Silvert’s Adaptive Footwear Extra Wide Slippers

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Foam soled, machine washable, adjustable strapped polyester blended shoes for swollen feet are anytime used shoes. Their extra-wide sole and the adjustable straps do the magic. These straps are incredibly adaptable. As a result, they are useful anytime, like even after pregnancy, you can use them. They can fit in your swollen foot or your post-delivery foot without any hassle.

Best Compression Socks

You might want to consider compression socks to help you aid in alleviating edema related issues like swelling. It is a simple solution that does not involve any medicines or procedures or take your time. But these socks make you super comfortable so these are good things to have.

Non-Slip Socks for Hospital for Women

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You might not be comfortable wearing the shoes all day long, especially if you are at home or hospital awaiting your delivery. But still, you might want some protection for your foot from both dirt and slip.

These socks serve both the needs as they are short enough to feel like shoes and protective enough to keep your feet from getting dirty. Moreover, they are anti-slip and keep your feet firm while you step using the silica gel pattern they have on the outer sole.

Maternity Compression Socks

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The maternity compression socks ease your edema using the cross weave knit lycra microwear. These compression socks are graduated variable compression, enabling improved circulation. Apart from the above, soft arch support and reinforced heel for cushioning support and impact absorption makes it the best compression socks pregnancy. You have different sizes and styles to choose from, and you will find yourself wearing them everywhere while you are pregnant.

MadeMother Open ToeMaternity Compression Stockings

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These beige colored open-toe pair of socks are made especially for the mother-to-be. They are compression graduated indeed to medical recommendations. Swollen joints, cramps, and edema are all addressed successfully by these socks. They end just below the knee, and their neutral color does not draw attention.

These compression socks seem like regular socks if you want them that way. Their make is simple and does not cause impression marks or redness from wearing them.


When you have the best shoes for swollen pregnancy feet, you will have one less thing to worry about and one reason more to step out. Keep going, mommy! You need to step in both comfort and style.