Top 5 Best Tattoo Inks to Buy for Professional Tattoo Artists

Tattoo inks inscribe your skin permanently. Unless the inks are safe and of good quality, they do not turn out as you planned. If you use cheap quality inks, you risk fading the tattoos and infections to skin that does not heal properly and leaves a permanent scar.

To avoid all these complications and have a successful tattooing journey, you can opt for superior quality inks, as mentioned below.

Moms Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink

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The UV tattoo ink is evident only in visible light or sensitive black light. Meaning you cannot see the part tattooed using this ink in regular light, and it magically appears in visible light, making it an ultimate art. This specially formulated ink is great for highlights.

Its ingredients are non-hazardous as well as non-toxic. Backlight tattoos using nuclear ink are the hot fashion these days and will never fail to amuse due to their mystery. This ink is long-lasting, and the tattoos made using it stays intact for a lifetime.

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink Bottle

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The professional-grade white tattoo ink by Dynamic is useful for tattooing as well as to create other colors. You can easily blend it with different colors to create various hues. Also, this pre-dispersed ink is ideal for grey wash mixing, shading, and lining.

It is the best white tattoo ink as it is long-lasting and provides rich output with bold color. The skin heals efficiently as the ink pushes quickly into the skin. This ink is of high quality as it is made in the USA. No animal testing or animal products are present in this ink, and it is vegan.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Kohaku Skin

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The skin-colored tattoo ink by Kuro Sumi is made of organic ingredients with a unique formulation. This Vegan-friendly ink is super bright and bold. Professionals from all over the world trust this ink, not only due to their natural ingredient composition but also for their brilliant output.

This ink has superior consistency and high quality because of its perfect particle structure. Some even doubt if it is a supernatural liquid because of the excellent display of the color obtained after tattooing. If you need a lighter color, you can simply water down the pigment and create the required tones.

Bloodline Tattoo Ink All Purpose Black

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When you do your tattoos with the deserving ink, no doubt they come to life and have a dimension to them. It is one of the best black inks for tattoos as it gives crisp lines adding character to the inked skin. This ultra-concentrated ink is thick and needs to be diluted.

You should not use it straight out of the bottle. Adding little water to dilute this ink does not affect the black color you need but gives you a lot of ink to work with. However, if you need lighter shades, you can add more water till you achieve the required shade.

Authentic Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink – Candy Red

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The Radiant ink color of candy red is bright enough to add a vivid hue to your tattoo. As the pigment disperses quickly and also the flow rate of the ink is also fast, allowing it to enter the skin at a lightning-fast rate.

This ink is sterilized and made using advanced technology. The radiant brand works with tattoo artists closely and take important clues from them to improve their full line of products that are convenient to both artist and the client.


It does not matter if you are a self-tattooist, do it as a hobby, or a professional artist; your art is incomplete without the right inks. Crisp result giving inks with easy penetration and durability are the critical qualities required for the best quality ink.

Look no further as you will return to the same tattoo inks mentioned above even after exhaustive research.