Dip Powder Manicure! An Eye-opener To Time-saving

Do you know that your nails are a part of classy dressing? It is time to add a little class and enlightenment to your dress sense. Looking good is not costly, neither is it a crime. You should not put on an exceptional outfit and leave your nails unattended too. To you, nails might look minor when you consider fashion styles, but your nails can draw all the attention you need. You can choose any nail type you choose to wear; do not hesitate to adore those nails with OPI dipping powder nails.

OPI Dip Powder

What Is Powder Dip?

Dip powder is a manicure that does not require LED or UV light to dry up. It is a nail powder that lasts for up to a month; you can use it on any nail. Be it natural or artificial. Dip powder appears brighter than an acrylic manicure. Dip powders are gummed with a glue known as Cyanoacrylate. This nail manicure leaves you with no toxic smell and regular nail clipping. Dip powder is a natural manicure that you dip your nails in; it gives your nails your desired pigment. It is a healthy powder that contains calcium and vitamin; this enriches your fingernails and nail beds.

How To Apply Dipping Powder?

It is best to visit a nail salon or technician to get your nail treated with powder dip. It does not imply you can’t get it done at home if you are patient enough. The first step to take is to get your nails prepared. Preparing the nails includes dehydration, cuticle care, and cleansing. The powder will only stay on a dehydrated nail. Your nail professional should brush the gel-like base on the nails, dip each fingernail into the powder and add a topcoat. The powder will dry up immediately without a LED or UV light.

When dipping each nail, it will be best to brush off the excess powder before applying a clear coat of adhesive. For people with long nails, your technician will need to add more color coats to strengthen it. It would be best to avoid getting infected from the dip powder; it is essential to pour the powder on the nails and not dip it into the powder container.

How To Remove Dip Powder?

It is not so easy to get the dip powder off your nails. It will be best to talk to a professional or visit a salon to get it off.

To get your dip powder off, you need an emery board, cotton balls, cuticle oil, and acetone nail polish remover.

Steps To Removing Powder Dip:

Step 1: It would help if you started by buffing or filing the glossy topcoat layer from your nails. You can use an emery board to eliminate it. Gently shift it back and front till the topcoat breaks off.

Step 2: Get a bowl of acetone and soak your nails for 15 minutes. You can put a streaming towel across the container to hasten the process.

Step 3: Soak the cotton ball into acetone and wipe any leftover powder from the nails.

Aftercare For OPI Powder Dip

When you have finally removed your dip powder manicure, it is advisable to leave your nails for about 7 to 10 days before thinking of a replacement. During the waiting period, maintain the health of your nails by applying cuticle oil daily and strengthening treatment. The cuticle oil will keep the nails hydrated.

Benefits Of Using Powder Dip

For people who value time, dip powder is the ideal manicure to use. The powder is durable, and it can be done at home if you are patient to read and follow instructions. It can last you for a more extended period. Here are some merits of using a dip powder:

You don’t need to dry it under UV or LED light. A topcoat layer will do the denying magic.

It lasts for up to 4 weeks, especially when done by a professional or at the salon.

Your choice of pigment is not limited. OPI nail dip colors comes in different shades. You will always get your pigment choice.

Dip powder has no odor. If you have a respiratory problem, a dip powder manicure is safe to meet your nail fashion needs.

Dip powder can be done and removed at home. If you can paint your nails at home, you don’t have a problem with OPI powder dip.


Is it evident enough now that dip powder has stolen the show in the world of the nail fashion industry? Dip powder is such that it helps you save time and stops you from spending too much on maintaining shiny fingernails. OPI nail colors will boost your ego alongside your beautiful outlook. OPI powder dip gives an irresistible look. Join the trend and flow along with the use of the odorless dip powder manicure.