The Most Effective Skincare Routine for Highly Pigmented Skin

Pigmented skin experiences difficulty in cleansing and prepping. This is mainly because of the heavy production of melanin pigment. The pigment clogs the pores and creates patches of dark spots all around the face. This situation is supposed to be handled at the earliest. Otherwise the pigment can occupy the clogs permanently and become a part of your skin. It is important to adopt a good skincare routine that can control the excessive pigmentation. Here is a few beneficial information which can help you while taking care of your pigmented skin.

skincare Routine for Highly Pigmented Skin

Importance of cleansing your skin

While dealing with pigmented skin, it is very important to cleanse it regularly. You can use a good cleanser or face wash for this purpose. A face wash will unclog the pores and bring out all the trapped impurities as well the pigmented deposits. Trying out a good face wash for hyperpigmentation will prove very helpful for you. It will bring out the excessive pigmentation and leave your skin glowing and attractive. Regularly cleansing your skin can help you out in getting rid of the extra pigment that is produced.

Steps you need to adopt

After cleansing, there are some important things that you need to adopt in your skincare routine. Regularly exfoliate your skin using a granular scrub. You can adopt this step in the morning or evening skincare routine. The scrub will remove all the impurities as well as deposited pigment. Exfoliation is also helpful for increasing blood circulation.

Next comes a face pack. It is better to do this step at night as your skin has a lot more time to absorb the goodness of the ingredients. I suggest you try out the best Korean sleeping pack regularly. This is the best way to treat your hyperpigmented skin. A sleeping pack acts slowly but effectively, giving you a beautiful and clear glow. You’ll see the effect of this sleeping pack in just a few days. It will slowly fade away the pigmented spots and make your skin clear of all the patches.

After that you can apply the serum. A good serum will provide you with necessary nutrients as well as a deeper nourishment. This step is crucial to make sure your skin is getting what it needs and there is nothing unnecessary settling in your cells.

Last but not the least, you can apply a moisturizer. Make sure it is not occlusive because in hyperpigmentation, cells are already plugged. So you don’t want any extra thing in your cells. It will also help in setting the contents of the serum into your skin effectively.

You can also apply a night or day cream at this point if you want to. But this step is totally optional.

How to decrease pigmentation

While you perform your skincare, there are certain other things that can also help you in diminishing pigmented spots. Firstly, let your skin stay hydrated and fully perfused all the time. A good blood circulation is extremely necessary to avoid pigment deposits. Exfoliation, facial massage, and consumption of a healthy diet can help you in this regard. You can also take multivitamins to enhance your skin’s health in order to avoid pigmentation.


Pigmentation on skin does not look good at all. It makes your skin look unpresentable and unhealthy. You should not ignore even the slightest or the most minor dark spot on your skin. Just follow a good skincare routine and keep a check on the health of your skin. Excessive pigmentation is a risk to skin’s health so make sure you don’t ignore it. Our suggestions will prove very helpful for letting your skin regain it’s normal complexion.