Trending Winter Nail Colors for 2021

Most of the year will be dominated by cheerful and bright colors, but winter needs something different. It is a time when you have to go for your best color selections. In 2020 designers had enough time to create new products; thus, we expect that 2021 will be filled with new designs and colors that we have never seen before. Therefore, for this winter, we have predicted some of the colors that will be most trending. The holiday celebrations and for this year might be different. Are you ready for the chills season? There is a long list of some of the colors that you can try out this winter.

Top Nail Colors Trends


Green is one of fall’s most popular colors, and its relevance is expected to last throughout the winter. Several times, different winter collections have been found to have vast green color stocks, and both celebrities and manicure professionals have continued to spot the color. You can get the color in gels, acrylics, or even dip powders like SNS, DND, or OPI dip powder. Green has different variations, including emerald, evergreen, and peppermint, inspired hue.


You need a nail polish color that can make a statement for this winter, and red will do it just fine. Otherwise, your holiday season will not be truly complete. You need one of those reads that will leave your nails sparkling, making everyone envious. Despite the harsh weather, the color makes you feel like you are ready to conquer the day all the time. You can choose the Serendipity nail lacquer, the Red-Y for the Holidays for your OPI dip nails, or any other red color that catches your eyes.


Metallic color, just like glitter hues, is expected to be the most exquisite option for this winter season. The massive demand for bold hues indicates that consumers will use much of these. Shades like the Metallic Haze Orly, The Message Smith, and Cult, and Essie For The Twill Of It Nail Polish can serve this purpose well. These colors will not only make you look bold, but they will leave you looking exquisite than never before.


Stone inspired shades are some of the best colors to create marble effects on your nails. The color looks great on the foggy and frosty background making it the best option for winter. Some of the stone inspired colors like grey and white are the most popular winter polish options. The colors can be used as standalone coats, especially those who feel that they are not ready for DIY. Some of the stone-inspired colors you can try out include No. 44 Cote, CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish In Studio White, and Deborah Lipman Never, Never Land Gel Lab Pro Nail Color.

Deep Tan

The winter season is just a shift from fall, and shades like tan are expected to last even throughout the winter. If you want to complete the popular earth tones, you need a deep warm tan shade for the purpose. Some of the tan shades you can try out include the Floss Gloss Disco Dust Nail Lacquer, Yes We Tan, and Christian Louboutin The Nudes’ Nail Colour.


For this winter, sparkles will be a trend that you can never ignore. Glitters are extensively used to create chic looks by creating fool-proof layers on top of bold colors, especially at home. Such designs look great on the winter’s frosty background. Nonetheless, you can use glitters as standalone or use them on another layer of color, but in both ways, your nails will be left looking more elegant than ever before. Some of the sparkles you can try out include the Absolute Glitz, OBVI, and Smith and Cult Nail Polish In Dirty Baby.

Gray Blue

This year, the winter color palette inspired shades are expected to rise; thus, you should brace for a design using the hue. During winter, everything is cool, including the nail lacquer shades. Gray is one of the perfect seasonal shades that looks great on everyone during winter. Furthermore, it is a great color to have fun with, especially when you want to add some sparkles. Some of the Gray Blue shades you can try out during this year’s winter include the Essie Expressive Quick-Dry Nail Polish, Vernis, and the OPI Holiday 2020 Shine Bright Collection.


This winter is expected to be fun. Many new products have been developed, and companies have been dying to put them on the market. Manicure specialists have also wanted to showcase their designs after an extended stay at home in 2020. be prepared for this winter’s nail colors because you will love the techniques and colors that the professionals have in store for you. For this year’s winter, choose one of the shades above and show the world that you still remember how to rock with those heavenly designs.