Bridal Nail for LDS Brides

The cut and dry LDS bride nails decree do not exist. At weddings, you should not force things to happen. It is essential to have what works for you for a happy day. Wedding nails are not left out. It would be best if you went for the nails that feel most comfortable.  If you have uneven or short natural nails, you can consider using fake nails to increase the conformity and the length of your nails for the unique day.

Bridal Nail

About LDS Nails

In a surprising turn of events, humans are turning to the already lost designs. The old fashions are making a major comeback into the world of manicure taking over the modern designs. LDS nails have been alive since the 70s, but their popularity seems to have been suppressed until recently when people discovered the advantages that come with such nails. Just like any other dip nails, LDS colors have become popular since they are the preference of many women. They last for almost a month, which makes them superior to other gels and acrylics.

Further, their formulation does not involve nail damaging chemicals. They are odor-free, and they come in different colors providing a broad continuum of options.  Therefore, LDS nail designs can be used on various occasions, such as weddings, to increase the bridesmaids’ and the bride’s confidence by providing the most attractive looks that the world has never seen.    

LDS Bride Nail Shapes for LDS Wedding

Squire and oval-shaped nails are the original nail shapes. These nail shapes, however, give different illusions. Squire’s nails indicate a modern and well-polished appearance while oval nails bring out a feminine and natural appearance. On the other hand, the squire shape has rounded edges that give out a glamorous and cutting-edge appearance perfect for every wedding. 

LDS brides should consider the shape of their fingernails because it highly contributes to their general look. There comes a time when the photographer will have to take close up photos of your rings. It would help if you assumed that chance to show the world that the day is worth remembering. Shape your nails in a style that matches your outfit and the occasion, and improve your look by going for LDS nails. They have different colors, designs, and kits that suit every occasion. Shaping your nails perfectly and applying the best manicure makes your nails and hands more noticeable. On average, there are two to six bridesmaids at every wedding. Even so, you can make your bridesmaid look unique and more elegant than the rest by altering their nail color, shape, and length. Therefore, establishing proper communication with the bridesmaid is vital to compel them to stick to the plans for the day.

Nail Colors for LDS Bridesmaid and Brides

It is vital to consider the color, the shape, and the size of your fingernails, especially at the onset of a momentous occasion. To allow uniformity, coordination between bridesmaids in a wedding is critical. It ensures that they not only rock the wedding with their almost identical and angelic look but also their attires, designs, and the nuance on their nails look entirely similar and elegant as well because it is harrowing when the bridesmaids step out with different designs. To avoid all the possible chaos and frustrations on the wedding day, it is essential to visit the best nail supplies online, or the nearby nail stores to acquire an LDS kit that suits your manicure needs. You can also visit a nail parlor if you do not fancy DIY manicures or when you want a professional’s touch. Some of the most common bridesmaids and LDS brides’ wedding fingernail shades include the light red or natural pink polish, a polish with different colors from the wedding color scheme, or exceptional nail art provided by nail artists in nail parlors or even sticker nails. Polish with the same color as that of the bridesmaids’ dresses can also serve the purpose.

The secret to great looks at weddings is the general look of the involved parties. When wedding nails are considered, having the bride and bridesmaids wear a manicure that looks the same makes the occasion look fancy, well planned, and exquisite. Ensure that the discussion about nails color, shape, and length is tabled with the bridesmaids before the big day to avoid frustrations. Also, ensure that all the bridesmaids match to improve the moods for the day. Additionally, if you are planning to rock in open-toed shoes, discuss it with your bridesmaids and share all the essential details that will eventually ensure that all their shoes and toenails match.


Weddings demand a lot of preparations. However, even though the attire design matters, the looks can be complemented by a perfect manicure. The bridesmaids need to match their attire and the shape, color, and size of their nails. Therefore, coordinating how the designs will be achieved ensures a fanciful, comfortable, and successful wedding day.