Top 5 Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Devices for 2020

Rejuvenating your skin is now possible at the comfort of your home using the light therapy devices safely and healthily. The portable devices of various models, benefits, and budgets are available on the market. You can choose the best handheld led light therapy device that suits your need and achieve flawless skin quickly. Check out the variety of light therapy devices mentioned below, which serve different skin-related issues.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

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The acne spot treatment device by Neutrogena emits blue light to kill the acne-causing bacteria. This light therapy is effective in reducing the breakouts for any skin type, including sensitive skin. It is easy to use and convenient to use anywhere.

The light device does not cause any inconvenience or leaves any residue after use and effective. Hence it is one of the must-have and the best blue light therapy devices for acne. It also has a red light setting that reduces the inflammation of acne as a bonus.

ULELALUX Inflammation Removal Therapy Machine

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The warm treatment, in combination with the blue light, opens up the pores and cleans the bacteria effectively out of them. The bio current repairs the skin and tightens the pores by stimulating the production of collagen, which also results in overall healthy skin. This portable device emits warm temperature but not hot and is always comfortable for the skin. It also reduces excessive oil production, zits, and the redness of the skin.

Eternal Beauty Red light Therapy Device for Wrinkles

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The handheld red light device reduces the wrinkle depth and smoothes the skin, making you look younger. You can use it around the eyes, on your neck and face for reducing the wrinkles and pigmentation issues. It also tightens the skin by collagen production. Using it for 3 minutes per area three times a week and see results in 2-3 months.

This device has a touch sensor that reacts to touch and goes off when not near the skin. If you are looking for the wrinkle-reducing phototherapy handheld device, then this is one of the best red light therapy for wrinkles.

Facial Massager Face Massage Device – 4 Color LED Light Treatment

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The four colors LED light-emitting facial massager works on your skin in several ways to rejuvenate it. The pink light brightens the skin, the red light smoothes the wrinkles and makes the skin firm. Similarly, the yellow light regulates oil secretion by tightening the pores, and the blue light treats the acne.

The high-frequency vibration is a safe method to open up the pores using temperature technique for quick penetration into the skin. The device helps in improving the skin elasticity for tightening it, making it look youthful.

DFA Face Lifting Machine- 6 in 1 Handheld Anti-Aging Skincare Tool

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The DFA face lifting device is a useful tool for anti-aging with multi-purpose uses. It has several in-built functions that stimulate your skin to rejuvenate itself healthily. The technologies like EMS, Light therapy, RF, and sonic vibration are the advanced modern techniques for treating the aging skin.

All these technologies are present in this device to provide you a luxurious treatment to lift your skin, making it firm and beautiful. The tiny channels created by this device in your skin allow the penetration of nutrients or moisture you supply using creams and lotions to your skin.


These non-invasive skin treating devices do not cost you more than the money you spend on the treatments you take at skincare clinics. Moreover, they are easy to use at home, which makes them comfortable, and you have full privacy. Look no further for the best handheld led light therapy device as this list has the best of them, especially for handheld models.