Is Outdoor Tanning Lotion Apt for Indoor Tanning?

Indoor tanning requires different products and care when compared to suntan. From lotions to process, everything is completely done differently and has specified lotions. On a tanning bed, you can only use indoor tanning lotions and do not make the mistake of using an outdoor tanning accelerator for this purpose. If you have no idea about indoor tanning lotions and need expert advice, then read along. I have gathered information from the people who used these indoor lotions and from several places on the internet with genuine reviews and presenting them for you.

Outdoor Tanning Lotion


Indoor tanning lotions review reveals that the UVA rays in the indoor environment in controlled conditions require protection that specializes in these rays. If you are wondering how does that differs from outdoor tanning, the sun rays contain both UVA and UVB rays inconsistently, unlike the controlled environment of indoor tanning. So, it is evident that the lotions used for one purpose are not suitable for the other purpose.


The outdoor tanning lotions contain sunscreen as the overexposure to UV rays is not suitable for skin, and the only way to control them is to use a sunscreen lotion. However, this is not the case with indoor lotions as they do not need SPF, but they are loaded with the contents necessary to tan you evenly for the UVA rays. Indoor lotions give you enhanced exposure where outdoor lotions tend to curb the exposure. The main difference is SPF protection, and the indoor lotions do not have them, whereas suntan lotions have them, and hence they are not interchangeable.


After checking the differences between outdoor and indoor tanning lotions, we can conclude that they work oppositely. Like indoor tanning lotions help concentrate the UV rays for intense tanning, whereas outdoor tanning lotions scatter the UV rays for protected tanning. As sun rays are powerful and you will need only little exposure for tanning, the body is screened from overexposure.

Compatibility with Equipment

Moreover, the indoor tanning interior material is not friendly with outdoor tanning lotion contents. The acrylic material with which the tanning beds are built gets damaged when they get into contact with them. The acrylic surface is porous, and these pores expand when they are subjected to heat using bulbs. The suntan lotion blocks these pores by creating a film on the surface of the acrylic, and thus, the tanning process is obstructed. This obstruction causes limited exposure resulting in very less tanning ruining your purpose.

Effect On Body

The indoor tanning lotion review also specifies that they are formulated for indoor tanning to stimulate the tanning process of the body naturally. They work by tanning as well as by supplying your body with moisture to avoid drying out. The skin pores that open up during this process are easily subjected to exposure, and hence the procedure is completed in less time. This also ensures a more profound and long-lasting tan.

The indoor tanning lotions provide the skin-conditioning through moisturizing and nourishment using nutrients for supporting the healing of the skin. The outdoor tanning accelerator, on the other hand, requires only protection as the tanning process is superficial and so deep.

Final Thoughts

By choosing high-quality indoor lotions, you can have a good magnification effect that will help you to get an excellent intense tan. Since they act as a refractive prism with the natural oil content in them, they have this extra effect. The extra nourishment is achieved using natural deep conditioning agents from botanical extracts and vitamins. The skin that is dry works contrarily by reflecting the light rather than absorbing it. So, if you do not apply indoor tanning lotion during tanning inside, then your efforts will be reduced to 50% says research.