Achieve Lighter Lips in 30 Days by Following These Tips

Hyperpigmentation is the usual cause of dark lips. Melanin causes dark lips and is harmless, except it can be a beauty concern. If there are no other health-related causes, then you can easily and quickly address the dark lips issue using the best lip lightening creams. There are home remedies for your rescue if you are not a fan of cosmetics.

best lip lightening creams


A few common reasons that cause and remedies for the darkening of lips are as follows.

Sun exposure for an extended time: Apply sunscreen-based lip balm and try to cover lips from direct exposure to the sun using a scarf or a large-brimmed hat.

Dehydration: Moisturize your lips with rich lip balms that contain natural ingredients and are full of shea butter. Drink plenty of water to replenish from inside.

Smoking: Quit smoking or limit it and use extenders if required.

Reaction to cosmetics: Natural home remedies can be your best rescuers in this case.

Harsh toothpaste: Find milder kinds of toothpaste and applying the best lip lightening creams will address the issue and reverse it.

High caffeine intake: Limit your caffeine intake and use either natural remedies or lip creams to lighten your dark lips.

Biting or sucking habit: Unless you stop doing these actions, no matter how many creams or remedies you apply, your results will be the same. Hence, work on stopping the habit and then use lip creams to speed up the lightening process.

 There can also be health reasons like chemotherapy, vitamin deficiency, anemia, excessive fluoride use, etc., for darker lips.

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation

You can treat hyperpigmentation using lasers and are often for cosmetic purposes. Kojic acid and Hydroquinone chemicals are also helpful in lightening the lip color. Inhibiting the melanin-producing enzyme is a regular basis for all these treatments.

Following a simple two-step regime to make your lips healthy, along with nourishing them, would be suitable for maintaining your lips.


Exfoliate your lips gently. Store-bought exfoliators may dry up the sensitive skin of lips. You can use a chemical-free solution by rubbing your lips gently with the sugar. Sugar exfoliates your lips with no harmful effects.


You can use the best lip balms for dark lips to moisturize and lighten the lips that have changed color because of daily sun exposure. The continuous use of these lip balms ensures to lighten the dark layer, which becomes more transparent, and the color beneath shows up. This makes your lips look colorful, naturally.

Make-up can sometimes be the culprit of dark lips. Always use quality products with the right ingredients. Note the change in your lip color when you use any new product. If you notice discoloration, then better, don’t use that product.

Can Lip Balms Lighten Your Dark Lips?

There are lip balms that lighten your lips, but not all lip balms can do it. The lip lightening lip balms act on your lips from the day one and lighten your lips gradually. You need to apply them daily for excellent results. Quality ingredients and vitamin-fortified composition nourish the lips.

There are plenty of the best lip balms for dark lips in the market. You can choose according to your budget and your issues.

Finally, there are many reasons for dark lips and plenty of methods to lighten your dark lips. The thing is how dedicated you are to achieve those beautiful lips. The process is time taking, and the results are not visible quickly. You need to be consistent only; then, you can see the results after 30 days of your effort.